Hosting Affiliate Program launched!
Date:06.08.2010 14:51:43
Author:Vin Johns
It was about time to launch our Hosting Affiliate Program...., today it is a fact. All of our users that have been asking for this cash generating tool are to be happy now. It is in fact auto-pilot cash generating chance for you, especially if you have site(s) with traffic you need to monetize. You are not going to become millionaire with our program but you may earn steady income particularly if you are design/development studio for example. Affiliate program is free, no startup investment needed and it offers great revenue share depending on how much traffic you refer. Still need reasons for becoming affiliate, here the proof you need: 1. To become affiliate, you do not need investment in advance. Join it for free. 2. We pay up to 50% for each Sale referred by you depending on the traffic you refer. 3. Affiliate tools are ready for you, you have to copy and paste affiliate code to your site. 4. No start up phase to face compared to when you start new businesses. Start selling once you join. 5. No problems with clients to face. They will contact us, not you. 6. The greatest part of all is you do not take care of the whole business process. 7. Support, billing and server administration are our team's 24x7 duty. 8. All you have to think is how to refer more traffic which pumps up your affiliate check.
All prices include VAT.
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